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Israeli Passenger Drone Could Be in Everyday Use By 2020?

While small personal drones have become a common sight in the last few years, and with Amazon pushing hard to have packages delivered by drone, it is perhaps more than conceivable that drones carrying human passengers would be next. But now an Israeli company says that its passenger drone, which completed …

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New Phishing Attack Steals Info Using Browser Autofill

Popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera and extensions such as LastPass, can be tricked into leaking private information using hidden text boxes, a Finnish developer has revealed. Autofill is great for those who spend a lot of time typing the same pieces of key personal data into websites, but …

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Imaging Software Detects Cancer With Human Accuracy

Research by Stanford University could be a game changer in skin cancer detection. The medical industry faces a horrible conundrum. It’s not just the ever-increasing costs, obstacles preventing access to quality care, and lack of patient awareness, either. Too often, issues that could have been treated with a better success …

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